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Texans Defending Democracy

Texans have a long heritage of defending democracy—we are picking up the mantle

Our Mission

We are a collection of life-long Texans, who are tired of seeing our neighbors and friends being exploited by politics that do not represent their values. To combat the rampant misinformation and manipulation we so often see today, we have decided to embark on our own information campaign.

Texans Defending Democracy is a 501(c)(4), formed to help educate all Texans on the reality of harmful policies that affect their everyday life.

Our goal is to provide solidarity with all Texans everywhere, who have realized that this is not the Texas we know and love, and to show you that there is another way.

We are not associated with any specific party or campaign–instead we stand for the people of Texas, united under ideologies that benefit us all.

We seek to underscore how buzzwords and emotional manipulation are weaponized to influence hard-working citizens into voting against their own interests. And we are devoted to identifying those policies that are being misrepresented to try to gain your vote.

We want to identify those candidates who actively work to take away your rights as a human being, so that you can vote for alternatives that will fight to make Texas the best it can be.

Our goal is to help promote public policy that will make Texas better than it’s ever been before.

We believe all Texans deserve a voice.

Texans Defending Democracy
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